The Koton Story

Market Leadership
Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Koton Eksport is the designer, manufacturer and supplier of knitted garments for more than 50 well-known brands around the world.

Soon after the company was founded in 1972, it attracted attention in the international garment industry, because of the original designs and the consistently high quality of the clothing. By the end of the 1970s, Koton creativity had become an industry standard.

Applying over years of professional expertise and business sense to every product, the Koton factories serve top names in the fashion industry from Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

In addition, the Koton Eksport label is a coveted designer product in its own right, with a loyal international following that awaits the new collections launched each year.

Visionary Management
Koton Eksport’s operations are run by a young and dynamic team committed to creative management and continual technological advancement.

The company is also committed to ethical standards above the norm for the garment industry, with regular audits by independent firms to ensure compliance with labor laws, along with a safe and healthy workplace for all Koton employees.

As a result, the work force of Koton Eksport has maintained a tradition of high morale, company loyalty and productivity. Professional pride and technical excellence are evident in all Koton production lines and departments. 


Koton Products

The product lines of Koton Eksport provide everything in demand on the global market: fashionable women’s and men’s outer wear, extensive children’s collections, accessories and nightwear.

Drawing on wide-ranging experience and creative talent, Koton's in-house designers work with every kind of cotton and mixed fabric available, both natural and synthetic. The team creates original collections and/or specific garment lines to meet individual customer needs - precisely and profitably.

The company also launches four collections of its own every year, under the Koton Eksport brand label.

Products Tailored to Your Market
T-shirts, polo shirts, jogging suits, stretch tights, outerwear, sportswear and lingerie are only some of the variety produced in Koton factories.

Koton Eksport uses only quality materials, regardless of the market destination or price range of the finished product. The compositions are as varied as the garments themselves, and are chosen with consideration of function, price range and design demands.

Koton Production Capabilities

One-Stop Quality Shop
The Koton Eksport production house can accommodate customers with wide or specific needs. We handle every stage of production through our comprehensive in-house facility covering 5000 m2.

Koton production lines use state-of-the-art computer systems and auto-controlled equipment, which yield superior results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

For high-volume production under tight deadlines, Koton has access to a professional outsourcing network, capable of producing 300.000-350.000 pieces per month, or up to 4 million pieces per year.

Koton Extras
One of Koton's best-known added-value services is our prompt delivery - as quick as four weeks turnaround time. We are proud of this standard, which is made possible by technologically advanced production lines and high employee productivity.

Koton takes equal pride in our complete compliance with international labor law and environmental regulations. We have earned a reputation as a company that benefits the community in which we operate, and takes responsibility for safeguarding the environment.

Koton Production Profile

Koton Production Departments

  • Modeling
  • Sampling
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Ironing
  • Quality Control
  • Packing

Production Lead-Time

  • 4 to 6 weeks upon confirmation of the orders.

Method of Customer Payment

  • L / C or CAD

To enquire how your company can utilize Koton's extensive in-house production capabilities, please contact us.

Koton Customers Around the World

More than 50 different fashion brands take advantage of Koton Eksport's outstanding production quality and service